Comparative Study of 4H-SiC Irradiated with Neutrons and Heavy Ions


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The influence of the irradiation with neutrons, Kr+ (245 MeV) and Bi+ (710 MeV) ions on the optical and electrical properties of high-resistivity, high-purity 4H-SiC epitaxial layers grown by chemical vapor deposition was investigated using photoluminescence and deep-level transient spectroscopy. Electrical characteristics were studied using Al and Cr Schottky barriers as well as p+-n-n+ diodes fabricated by Al ion implantation on this epitaxial layers. It was found that both "light" neutrons and high energy heavy ions introduced identical defect centers in 4H-SiC. So, even at extremely high density of the ionization energy of 34 keV/nm, typical for Bi+ ion bombardment, damage structure formation in SiC single crystal is governed by energy loss in elastic collisions.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 483-485)

Edited by:

Dr. Roberta Nipoti, Antonella Poggi and Andrea Scorzoni




E. V. Kalinina et al., "Comparative Study of 4H-SiC Irradiated with Neutrons and Heavy Ions", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 483-485, pp. 377-380, 2005

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May 2005




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