Micro-Optical Characterization Study of Highly p-Type Doped SiC:Al Wafers


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We have studied the application of optical techniques for the determination of the spatial distribution of electronic properties of highly aluminum doped p-type SiC wafers. Absorption and birefringence mapping are known to be sensitive characterization methods to determine the homogeneity of charge carrier concentration and defects in n-type SiC. In the case of highly p-type doped SiC these methods fail due to the opaque character of the material. In this paper we show that Raman spectroscopy which is a reflective method can be used in order to address the same materials properties like absorption and birefringence. The study was performed using medium doped p-type SiC:Al where optical transmission and reflection methods can be applied simultaneously.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 483-485)

Edited by:

Dr. Roberta Nipoti, Antonella Poggi and Andrea Scorzoni




P. J. Wellmann et al., "Micro-Optical Characterization Study of Highly p-Type Doped SiC:Al Wafers", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 483-485, pp. 393-396, 2005

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May 2005




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