SiC Super Junction Power Devices: Modeling and Analysis


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In this paper, we extend the super junction concept to SiC high voltage devices and further expand the SiC theoretical limit. It is shown that the super-junction concept can reduce the theoretical specific on-resistance by several times to several orders of magnitude for both silicon and SiC. The unique merit of SiC super-junction devices is that the required P and N pillars have a much smaller aspect ratio and may be easier to form than their silicon counterparts. Furthermore, SiC super-junction devices are much less sensitive to charge imbalance issue than silicon SJ devices.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 483-485)

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Dr. Roberta Nipoti, Antonella Poggi and Andrea Scorzoni




Z.J. Shen et al., "SiC Super Junction Power Devices: Modeling and Analysis", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 483-485, pp. 957-960, 2005

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May 2005




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