Microstructure and Properties of Mg-Al Based Casting Alloys Modified with Minor Alloying Elements


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Minor alloying elements such as RE, Sb, and Si were added to Mg-Al based commercial alloys and their effects on the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and castability were investigated.The result show that small amount of cerium-rich misch metal (RE) addition with antimony enhances the heat resistance of AZ91 alloy effectively without deteriorating other good properties. The addition of Si with RE was also found to improve the heat resistance and casting capabilities (fluidity and hot cracking resistance) of AM50 alloy.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 488-489)

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W.Ke, E.H.Han, Y.F.Han, K.Kainer and A.A.Luo




J. M. Kim et al., "Microstructure and Properties of Mg-Al Based Casting Alloys Modified with Minor Alloying Elements", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 488-489, pp. 147-150, 2005

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July 2005




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