Synergistic Fluoropolymer Coating on Magnesium Alloys


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The synergistic fluoropolymer self-lubrication coatings on magnesium alloys were studied. Magnesium alloy was firstly treated by electroless nickel plating. Then micropores of electroless nickel plating layer was enlarged. Then the fluoropolymer particles were infused into micropores, precise vacuum heat treatment ensured thorough infusion with fluoropolymer, finally the synergistic coating was formed. The hardness of the coating reached 600HV, the dynamic coefficient of friction of the coating was less than 0.15, and the low coefficient of friction could be kept during a long duration wear to realize the permanent dry lubrication. The corrosion resistance was also excellent to endure 5% neutral salt spray test for 500 hours. Also the structure and composition of the coating were observed and studied.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 488-489)

Edited by:

W.Ke, E.H.Han, Y.F.Han, K.Kainer and A.A.Luo




H. Q. Zou et al., "Synergistic Fluoropolymer Coating on Magnesium Alloys", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 488-489, pp. 673-676, 2005

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July 2005




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