Functionally Graded TiC-Based Cermets via Combustion Synthesis and Quasi-Isostatic Pressing


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Experimental results on the preparation of functionally graded TiC-based cermets obtained by combustion synthesis (also known as Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis, SHS) followed by quasi-isostatic (QIP) pressing in a granulate medium are presented. Pellets of TiC-Fe graded cermets are produced by stacking layers of Ti and C powder mixtures in which the content of a NiFe alloy (50 wt% Ni and 50 wt% Fe) is varied from 5 up to 25 vol %. X-ray diffraction showed that the NiFe alloy did not react with the TiC, thus preserving its special properties. Scanning electron microscopy results show a graded material with pores increasing in size towards the side with the highest ceramic fraction.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 492-493)

Edited by:

Omer Van der Biest, Michael Gasik, Jozef Vleugels




M. Martinez Pacheco et al., "Functionally Graded TiC-Based Cermets via Combustion Synthesis and Quasi-Isostatic Pressing", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 492-493, pp. 63-68, 2005

Online since:

August 2005




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