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Authors: Marion Bartsch, Bernd Baufeld, Serdar Dalkiliç, Iulian Mircea
Abstract:This paper gives a short overview of tests applied for the investigation of long term behaviour of thermal barrier coating systems. A...
Authors: Michael M. Gasik, Akira Kawasaki, Y.S. Kang
Abstract:Application of FGM concept for thermal barrier coatings (TBC) provides a superior thermal stress relaxation over homogeneous or duplex...
Authors: Chang Chun Ge, Wen Bin Cao, Zhang Jian Zhou, Zhang Hua Chen
Authors: Wilfried Smarsly, N. Zheng, C.S. Buchheim, C. Nindel, C. Silvestro, D. Sporer, M. Tuffs, K. Schreiber, C. Langlade-Bomba, Olaf Andersen, H. Goehler, N.J. Simms, Gordon M. McColvin
Authors: Dongtao Jiang, Jef Vleugels, Omer Van der Biest, Wei Dong Liu, Raf Verheyen, Bert Lauwers
Abstract:Electrically conductive and wear resistant Si3N4-based composites were developed in order to facilitate electrical discharge machining (EDM)....
Authors: J.R. Gomes, A.R. Ribeiro, A.C. Vieira, A.S. Miranda, L.A. Rocha
Abstract:Functionally graded aluminium matrix composites reinforced with SiC particles are attractive materials for a broad range of engineering...
Authors: S. Angel, Wolfgang Bleck, S. Harksen, P.-F. Scholz
Abstract:Highly porous open- cell materials on the base of various metals and alloys are of increasing interest as they combine structural and...
Authors: Alberto Juy, Marc Anglada
Abstract:The influence of grinding surface stresses in Y-TZP doped with 2.5% molar yttria on the contact loading response has been studied. It is...
Authors: Heidi Fauser, Christophe Poizat, Markus Grimm, Heiko Knoll, Winfried Schmitt, Renate Freudenberger
Abstract:The aim of the research project described here is to increase the durability of components under cavitation erosion by electrodeposition of...
Authors: Qiang Shen, Ran Li, Lian Meng Zhang
Abstract:The changes of phase composition and structure evolvement of Fe and Si powders with the ratio of 6.5wt%Si to 93.5wt%Fe were mainly studied....
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