Current Research in Advanced Materials and Processes

Volume 494

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Komac

Abstract: The paper summarizes recent developments and implementation of the national science and technology policies. National as well as...

Authors: R. Sinclair, Kyung Hoon Min, U. Kwon

Abstract: A review is given of the application of in situ transmission electron microscopy to study various processes associated with the...

Authors: Velimir Radmilović, D. Mitlin, U. Dahmen

Abstract: We show that it is possible to use high rate co-evaporation of Al and Si onto room temperature substrates to achieve a novel two-phase...

Authors: S. Lazić, J.M. Calleja, F.B. Naranjo, S. Fernández, Enrique Calleja

Abstract: We present resonant Raman scattering measurements on strained and relaxed InxGa1-xN/GaN multiple quantum wells. The pseudomorphic sample...

Authors: A. Mirčetić, D. Indjin, V. Milanović, P. Harrison, Z. Ikonić, R.W. Kelsall, M. Giehler, R. Hey, H.T. Grahn

Abstract: In this paper a procedure for the global optimization of mid-infrared GaAs/AlGaAs quantum cascade lasers that relies on the method of...

Authors: J. Radovanović, V. Milanović, Z. Ikonić, D. Indjin

Abstract: The optical gain in the active region of quantum cascade laser in an external magnetic field is analyzed. When the magnetic field is applied...

Authors: Dj. Veljković, M. Tadić, F.M. Peeters

Abstract: The intersublevel absorption in n-doped InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum-dot molecules composed of three quantum dots is theoretically...

Authors: P.M. Lukić, R.M. Ramović, Rajko M. Šašić

Abstract: In this paper a new analytical carrier mobility model of a heterostructure unipolar transistor, High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT),...

Authors: J.P. Šetrajčić, S.M. Vučenović, D.Lj. Mirjanić, V.D. Sajfert, S.K. Jaćimovski

Abstract: Dispersion laws and states (i.e. probability of finding) of Frankel excitons in ultra-thin molecular films are found using a well-known...

Authors: N. Kulagin

Abstract: The paper includes experimental and theoretical data on spectral properties of oxide single crystals doped with ions of the iron group...


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