Current Research in Advanced Materials and Processes

Volume 494

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A. Vučković, B. Matović, Snezana Bošković

Abstract: This paper deals with densification and a®b phase transformation of Si3N4, with a constant b-Si3N4 seeds concentration regarding sintering...

Authors: D. Perreux, F. Thiébaud, L. Farines, P.S. Uskoković

Abstract: The process of filament winding is particularly suited to the manufacturing of composite pipes. This paper first describes the overall...

Authors: Sylvain Jacques, Marie Paule Berthet, B. Bonnetot

Abstract: A BN interphase has been deposited by infiltration of a Hi-Nicalon fibre tow in a Low Pressure Chemical Vapour Deposition reactor using a...

Authors: Christos Argirusis, Tanja Damjanović, M. Stojanović, Günter Borchardt

Abstract: Due to favorable chemical and mechanical properties of yttrium silicate coatings (low Young’s modulus, low thermal expansion coefficient,...

Authors: Tanja Damjanović, Christos Argirusis, Günter Borchardt

Abstract: The protectiveness of mullite layers electrophoretically deposited on C/C-Si-SiC composites, against isothermal oxidation in air in the...

Authors: M.B. Plavšić, Iva Pajić-Lijaković, N.L. Lazić

Abstract: The change in elastomer tensile moduli, as formulated in the Gaussian statistical theory of rubber elasticity, with deformation, is...

Authors: Chak Yin Tang, P.S. Uskoković, Chi Pong Tsui, K.C. Chan, S.C.L. Lo, Xiao Lin Xie

Abstract: Wear of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and its composites is one of the main obstacles that limit the longevity of total...

Authors: G. Marković, M. Marinović-Cincović, H. Valentova, M. Ilavsky, B. Radovanović, J. Budinski-Simendić

Abstract: This paper deals with the control of the adhesion strength in metal-elastomer joints by fillers and the use of rubber blends to produce...

Authors: A. Kojović, I. Živković, Lj. Brajović, D. Mitraković, R. Aleksić

Abstract: The possibility of applying optical fibers as sensors for investigation of real time low energy impact damage in laminar thermoplastic...

Authors: D. Božić, M. Vilotijević, V. Rajković, Ž. Gnjidić

Abstract: The compressive characteristics and fracture behavior of CW67 aluminum alloy and of a composite based on CW67 alloy were studied under...


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