Current Research in Advanced Materials and Processes

Volume 494

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: V. Rajković, D. Božić, D. Vračarić, E. Romhanji

Abstract: Prealloyed copper powder containing 2.5wt. %Al was processed in a planetary ball mill to evaluate matrix hardening due to formation of Al2O3...

Authors: Aldo Roberto Boccaccini, J.J. Blaker, V. Maquet, R. Jerome, S. Blacher, Judith A. Roether

Abstract: Porous bioresorbable and bioactive composite materials designed for applications as scaffolds in tissue engineering are discussed. The...

Authors: G. Keković, D. Raković, M.V. Satarić, Dj. Koruga

Abstract: Contemporary trends in science and technology are characterized by integration of biological and technical systems, like in nanotechnology,...

Authors: D. Raković, M. Dugić, M.B. Plavšić

Abstract: In this paper we describe the biopolymer chain folding problem in the framework of the so-called quantum decoherence theory. As we propose a...

Authors: N. Ignjatović, P. Ninkov, Z. Ajduković, V. Konstantinović, Dragan P. Uskokovic

Abstract: Composite biomaterials, like calciumphosphate/bioresorbable polymer, offer excellent potential for reconstruction and reparation of bone...

Authors: D. Bugarski, B. Obradović, M. Petakov, G. Jovčić, N. Stojanović, B. Bugarski

Abstract: Alginate is currently being employed and explored for a broad range of biomedical and biotechnology applications, due to its...

Authors: B. Obradović, B. Bugarski, Z. Todosijević, V. Nedović, D. Bugarski, G. Vunjak-Novaković

Abstract: Alginate is one of the mostly used hydrogels for cell entrapment aimed for applications in food industry, environmental engineering,...

Authors: M. Radić, N. Ignjatović, Zoran Nedić, M. Mitrić, Dejan Miličević, Dragan P. Uskokovic

Abstract: In this paper we report the results on synthesis of a composite biomaterial based on biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) and...

Authors: V. Kojić, D. Jakimov, G. Bogdanović, A. Djordjević

Abstract: The aims of this paper were to investigate cell growth activity of fullerenol C60(OH)24, its modulating effect on antitumor drug-induced...

Authors: S. Trajković, S. Dobrić, A. Djordjević, V. Dragojević-Simić, Z. Milovanović

Abstract: In vitro studies have demonstrated that fullerenol, a polyhydroxylated derivative of fullerene (C60(OH)n n = 12-26), has a high...


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