Abnormal Grain Growth and Texture Development


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A theory for abnormal grain growth (AGG) in polycrystalline materials is revisited and extended in order to predict AGG in textured polycrystals. The motivation for the work is to improve our understanding of the origins of the Goss texture component, {110}<001>, during annealing of Fe-Si sheet. Since the AGG phenomenon in grain-oriented electrical steels is known to be dependent on the presence of a dispersion of fine second phase particles, the grain boundary properties are treated as representative of the homogenized behavior of the material, and not necessarily the properties that would be measured directly. The predictions of AGG are presented in the form of maps in Euler space, showing which texture components are most likely to grow abnormally. For different models of grain boundary properties applied to a theoretically derived texture, different sets of texture components are predicted to grow; neither model, however, predicts growth of the Goss component.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 495-497)

Edited by:

Paul Van Houtte and Leo Kestens






A. D. Rollett "Abnormal Grain Growth and Texture Development ", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 495-497, pp. 1171-1176, 2005

Online since:

September 2005




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