Simulation of Spouted Bed Using a Eulerian Multiphase Model


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Spouted bed systems have emerged as very efficient fluid-particle contactors and find many applications in the chemical and biochemical industry. Some important applications of spouted beds include coal combustion, biochemical reactions, drying of solids, drying of solutions and suspensions, granulation, blending, grinding, and particle coating. An extensive overview can be found in Mathur and Epstein[1]. The pattern of solid and gas flows in a spouted bed was numerically simulated using a CFD modeling technique. The Eulerian-Eulerian multifluid modeling approach was applied to predict gas-solid flow behavior. A commercially available, control-volume-based code FLUENT 6.1 was chosen to carry out the computer simulations. In order to reduce computational times and required system resources, the 2D axisymmetric segregated solver was chosen. The typical flow pattern of the spouted bed was obtained in the present calculation. The simulated velocity and voidage profiles presented a good agreement qualitative and quantitative with the experimental results obtained by He et al. [4].



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 498-499)

Edited by:

Lucio Salgado and Francisco Ambrozio Filho






C. R. Duarte et al., "Simulation of Spouted Bed Using a Eulerian Multiphase Model", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 498-499, pp. 270-277, 2005

Online since:

November 2005




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