Anelastic Spectroscopy in TiO2


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Titanium dioxide (rutile) has a lot of interesting and useful features and hence is widely utilized for application. It has been used as white pigment, photocatalyst, biocompatible material and semiconductor material used in solar battery. In semiconducting TiO2 oxygen vacancies are said to play an important role in the electrical conduction. Measurements of the elastic energy loss and modulus (anelastic spectroscopy) as a function of temperature can distinguish among the different atomic jumps, which occur in the various phases or at different local ordering. In this paper, it is reported anelastic relaxation measurements in TiO2 samples using a torsion pendulum operating in frequencies around 40Hz, in the temperature range between -173 oC to 330 oC with heating rate of 1 oC/min. The results shown a reduction in the elasticity modulus with the increase in the corn starch content used for this consolidation.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 498-499)

Edited by:

Lucio Salgado and Francisco Ambrozio Filho






C. R. Grandini et al., "Anelastic Spectroscopy in TiO2", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 498-499, pp. 540-545, 2005

Online since:

November 2005




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