Microalloying for New Steel Processes and Applications

Volumes 500-501

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.500-501

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Authors: C.M. Sellars, Eric J. Palmiere

Abstract: A new model of strain induced precipitation in niobium microalloyed austenite is proposed. This is based on the experimental observation of...

Authors: John J. Jonas, Evgueni I. Poliak

Abstract: It is shown that the kinetics of softening between mill passes can be modeled more simply when the normalized strain (reduction) per pass...

Authors: Anthony J. DeArdo, J.E. Garcia, Ming Jian Hua, C. Isaac Garcia

Abstract: TRIP steels containing Mn, Si, Al, Mo, and Nb have been examined using a laboratory simulation of a continuous hot dipped galvanizing line....

Authors: Peter D. Hodgson, Hossein Beladi, Matthew R. Barnett

Abstract: The development of ultrafine grained microstructures in steels has received considerable attention in recent times. In many cases the aim is...

Authors: J.M. Rodriguez-Ibabe

Abstract: Thin slab direct rolling (TSDR) of microalloyed steels belongs to a new generation of thermomechanical treatments. TSDR shows some...

Authors: Harshad K.D.H. Bhadeshia

Abstract: The choreography of atoms during the course of the bainite transformation has major consequences on the development of structure. In...

Authors: Stanislaw Zajac

Abstract: A brief summary is given of the desired effects of precipitation of microalloy nitrides and carbides in austenite and ferrite prior, during...

Authors: David K. Matlock, George Krauss, John G. Speer

Abstract: Developments related to the use of microalloy additions, primarily of Ti, Nb, and V, and controlled processing are reviewed to illustrate...

Authors: Wolfgang Bleck, Kriangyut Phiu-On

Abstract: Microalloying elements like Al, B, Nb, Ti ,V can be used to optimise the microstructure evolution and the mechanical properties of advanced...

Authors: Faramarz Zarandi, Steve Yue

Abstract: Low hot ductility of steel at the straightening stage of the continuous casting process is a problem found in steels containing...


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