Manipulation Mechanisms for Micro-Assembly Technology


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Author has been working about mechanisms of some manipulation methods for micro-assembly, i.e., a mechanical method, an electro-adhesive method, and a capillary method. For the purpose of optimization and breakthrough of the micro-assembly technology, theoretical understanding of adhesion phenomenon is essential, because the adhesional force is proportional to the size of objects meanwhile gravitational force is proportional to the third power of it. Consequently the adhesion phenomenon is no more negligible for the smaller objects usually less than 1 mm, e.g., micro-objects. Author will introduce our analyses about the manipulation mechanisms and related basic approaches to the adhesion phenomena including an adhesion force measurement in Auger electron spectroscope, an elastic continuum approximation approach using contact mechanics, a quantum mechanics approach for surface energy, a molecular mechanics approach for surface and interfacial energies. Also it will be expressed that our data base project for the surface and interfacial energies is based on these basic approaches for the purpose of optimization and/or breakthrough of the micro-assembly technology.



Edited by:

Masaaki Naka and Toshimi Yamane






K. Takahashi "Manipulation Mechanisms for Micro-Assembly Technology ", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 502, pp. 327-334, 2005

Online since:

December 2005





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