Interfacial Reaction between Sn-Ag Based Solders and Au/Ni Alloy Platings


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The microstructure and strength for the micro joints of Pb free Sn-Ag based solders with Au/Ni alloy platings were investigated. For the joint using Sn-Ag solder, Ni3Sn4 reaction layer formed at the solder/pad interface and also P-rich layer formed in Ni-P plating. The P-rich layer was confirmed to be composed of Ni-P-Sn ternary compound layer and crystallized Ni3P layer. Both of them introduced defects, which degraded the joint strength. Addition of Cu to Sn-Ag solders suppressed the formation of such a P rich layer while the (Cu, Ni)6Sn5 reaction layer was formed at the solder/pad interface. These different interfacial reactions would affect the changes in the joint strength during heat exposure at 423K. On the contrary, addition of Co to Ni platings enhanced the interfacial reaction and the Sn-Ag solder completely transformed to the intermetallic compounds under higher melting temperature even by heating to 543K. The addition of Co in Ni could change the interfacial reaction layer from Ni3Sn4 to (Ni, Co)Sn2 with higher diffusivity of Ni which enhanced formation of intermetallic phases. The control of interfacial reaction by the alloying elements is important to obtain ideal micro joints.



Edited by:

Masaaki Naka and Toshimi Yamane




K. Uenishi and K. F. Kobayashi, "Interfacial Reaction between Sn-Ag Based Solders and Au/Ni Alloy Platings ", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 502, pp. 411-416, 2005

Online since:

December 2005




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