Improvement of Solution Type Plasma Spraying Process


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To fabricate thermal spraying coatings with good reproducibility, it is necessary to improve the process of the equalization of both thermal history and impacting behavior of the particles. In this study, the characteristics of the solution type plasma spraying using the hollow-cathode type torch are investigated. The physical and mechanical properties that are different from usual thermal spraying coatings are described. By using solutions including metal ingredients in a state of ion, colloid or sol, thinner coating that cannot be made by conventional plasma spraying methods is formed on various substrates. The coatings are uniform in appearance.



Edited by:

Masaaki Naka and Toshimi Yamane




M. Futamata et al., "Improvement of Solution Type Plasma Spraying Process ", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 502, pp. 505-510, 2005

Online since:

December 2005




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