New Frontiers of Processing and Engineering in Advanced Materials

Volume 502

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Zhou, Hai Bo Feng, De Chang Jia

Abstract: In situ synthesized TiB reinforced titanium matrix composites of Ti-B and Ti-TiB2 systems have been prepared by spark plasma sintering at...

Authors: Tsunemichi Imai, Shang Li Dong, Ichinori Shigematsu, Naobumi Saito, Kazutaka Suzuki, Kozo Osamura

Abstract: The XN-05C/2017, XN-05C/MESO-10 and BGC152/MESO-10 aluminum composites reinforced by low young’s modulus amorphous carbon fiber and...

Authors: Tong Xiang Fan, Guang Jun Yang, Jian Qi Chen, Di Zhang, Zhongliang Shi, Toshiya Shibayanagi, Masaaki Naka

Abstract: In the present work, the effects of reinforcement type, reinforcement surface treatment, alloying additions, remelting time and remelting...

Authors: Hiroshi Kimura, Kenji Hanada, Kiyohiko Ishigane

Abstract: The reaction ball milling can produce the solid state amorphization of covalent ceramic, SiC, including the mechanical alloying (MA) of the...

Authors: Goffredo de Portu, L. Micele, D. Prandstraller, G. Palombarini, Giuseppe Pezzotti

Abstract: Multilayered composite specimens consisting of Al2O3 / Al2O3+ 3Y-TZP (A/AZ) layers with different compositions and thicknesses were prepared...

Authors: Katsuhiko Asami, H. Habazaki, Akihisa Inoue, Koji Hashimoto

Abstract: Recent development of corrosion resistant bulk glassy alloys such as Zr-, Fe-, Ni- and Cu-base alloys were presented. It was clarified that...

Authors: Janina Setina, V. Akishin, J. Vaivads
Authors: Gaida M. Sedmale, Vasily P. Kobyakov

Abstract: In the proposed study the less known kinds of thermal barrier coatings used to protect niobium or its alloys against the oxygen corrosion at...

Authors: Kazuya Kurokawa, Akira Yamauchi, Shinya Matsushita

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