Progress on Advanced Manufacture for Micro/Nano Technology 2005

Volumes 505-507

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chih Kung Lee, C.L. Lin, D.Z. Lin, T.D. Cheng, Ching Kao Chang, L.B. Yu, C.S. Yeh

Abstract: The aim of this article is to introduce a nanowriter system that could lead to a sub-micrometer spot size using a visible light source...

Authors: Gerd Jäger, T. Hausotte, Eberhard Manske, H.-J. Büchner, R. Mastylo, N. Dorozhovets, R. Füßl, R. Grünwald

Abstract: The paper describes the operation of a high-precision wide scale three-dimensional nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machine (NPM-Machine)...

Authors: Kuang Chao Fan, R.H. Yen, Chi Chung Ho

Abstract: For the purpose of micro stage used in micro positioning, a miniature aerostatic air bearing linear slide system was studied. Different...

Authors: Hye Jin Lee, Nak Kyu Lee, Sang Mok Lee, Geun An Lee, Seung Soo Kim

Abstract: The micro metal forming manufacturing system is essentially an ultra precision forming press that can manufacture various micro scale...

Authors: Wei Feng, Jerry Y.H. Fuh, Yoke San Wong

Abstract: This paper presents the development a drop-on-demand micro-dispensing system on which functional devices can be directly printed in a...

Authors: S.C. Tzeng, Wei Ping Ma, C.H. Liu, Wen Yuh Jywe, Yung Cheng Wang

Abstract: This study presents an analysis of surfactant added by CuO and Al2O3 nano-sized particles of different percentages. After adding suspending...

Authors: Jia Lin Tsai, Jui Ching Kuo, Shin Ming Hsu

Abstract: This research is aimed to fabricate glass fiber/epoxy nanocomposites containing organoclay as well as to understand the organoclay effect...

Authors: Yung Chun Lee, Cheng Yu Chiu, Chuan Pu Liu, Fei Bin Hsiao, Chun Hung Chen

Abstract: In this paper, we report a method for determining the residual thickness of resist layer during e-beam lithography processes. The method is...

Authors: Mu Jung Kao, Chih Hung Lo, Tsing Tshih Tsung, Hong Ming Lin

Abstract: The low-pressure control methods for an arc-submerged nanoparicle synthesis system (ASNSS) was proposed and developed for brake nanofluids....

Authors: C.T. Pan, P.J. Cheng, S.C. Shen, M.F. Chen, R.Y. Wang, Min Chie Chou, Tung Chuan Wu

Abstract: This study presents an innovative imprinting method to fabricate IC devices by micro-punch process. Normally, imprinting method is used to...


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