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Authors: David John Jarvis, O. Minster
Abstract:Over the past five years, an application-oriented research strategy has been initiated by ESA to permit valuable microgravity research in a...
Authors: V.A. Berezovets, I.I. Farbshtein, R.V. Parfeniev, Sergei V. Yakimov, V.I. Nizhankovskii
Abstract:The high sensitivity of the low temperature electrical properties of p-type pure tellurium (Te) to impurities, structural boundaries, point...
Authors: Jiu Zhou Zhao, Lorenz Ratke
Abstract:A model has been developed by taking into account the common action of the nucleation, the diffusional growth, the collisions and...
Authors: Michael Reuß, Lorenz Ratke, Jiu Zhou Zhao
Abstract:We prepared Al-Bi alloys with our new aerogel counter gravity casting facility and Al-Pb alloys by simple mould casting with variable cooling...
Authors: J.B. Andrews, D.A. Downs, Qing Quan Liu
Abstract:Early solidification experiments in immiscible alloy systems almost immediately led to conflicting findings between investigators....
Authors: Jimmy De Wilde, Ludo Froyen
Abstract:Within the frame of the ESA research program SETA, “Solidification along a Eutectic Path in Ternary Alloys”, experiments have been performed...
Authors: U. Hecht, Victor T. Witusiewicz, A. Drevermann, B. Böttger, S. Rex
Abstract:Coupled, regular eutectic growth of α(Al) and Al2Cu from ternary Al-Cu-Ag liquid alloys is investigated with focus on the formation and the...
Authors: Karl Martin Pedersen, Niels Tiedje
Abstract:Hypereutectic ductile iron was cast in green sand moulds with four plates with thickness of 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 mm in each mould. Temperatures...
Authors: Ragnvald H. Mathiesen, Lars Arnberg
Abstract:In-situ synchrotron X-ray radiography has been used to study columnar and equiaxed dendritic growth in directional solidification of Al-Cu...
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