Surface Tension Measurements of Industrial Alloys


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Industrial alloys are generally multi-component systems with volatile and highly reactive components. Consequently, their processing in the liquid state requires special precautions. Therefore, an existing electromagnetic-levitation device with a high-vacuum chamber, designed for surface tension measurements, was modified and improved. For the measurements of the surface tensions with the help of the oscillating drop technique the temperatures and the video sequences of the levitated, molten alloy were recorded without contact by pyrometer and by high-speed camera, respectively. This method yields the frequencies of the surface oscillations of the sample around the equilibrium shape and - using the modified Rayleigh law - eventually the values of the surface tension. With the help of this method two commercial industrial steels were processed in the new EML-apparatus for ESA`s Thermolab project [1]. The results of these measurements are presented and discussed



Edited by:

A Roósz, M. Rettenmayr and Z. Gácsi






F. Schmidt-Hohagen and I. Egry, "Surface Tension Measurements of Industrial Alloys", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 508, pp. 573-578, 2006

Online since:

March 2006




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