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Authors: Guillaume Reinhart, Henri Nguyen-Thi, J. Gastaldi, Bernard Billia, Nathalie Mangelinck-Noël, Thomas Schenk, J. Härtwig, J. Baruchel
Abstract:Solidification is a dynamic phenomena and, as a consequence, it is of major interest to be able to investigate this process by in situ and...
Authors: Joern Strohmenger, J.R. Gao, Thomas Volkmann, Dieter M. Herlach
Abstract:Diffraction experiments on electromagnetically levitated Nd-Fe-B alloys during solidification of the undercooled melt have been performed at...
Authors: Anja Müller, Lorenz Ratke
Abstract:Al-Bi and Al-In of exact monotectic composition were directionally solidified with solidification velocities ranging from 0.3 µm/sec to 5...
Authors: Mária Svéda, András Roósz, Gábor Buza
Abstract:The aim of the present work is to investigate the microstructure of Al-Pb monotectic surface layers generated by a laser surface alloying...
Authors: H.M. Singer, J.H. Bilgram
Abstract:In growth experiments for 3D xenon crystals we have observed three different morphologies: dendrites, doublons and seaweed. The 3D shape of...
Authors: Qing Yan Xu, Bai Cheng Liu, Zuo Jian Liang, Jia Rong Li, Shi Zhong Liu, Ha Llong Yuan
Abstract:Single crystal superalloy turbine blade are widely used in aero-engineering. However, there are often grain defects occurring during the...
Authors: Ching Hua Su, Sandor L. Lehoczky, Chao Li, Balaji Raghothamachar, Michael Dudley, János Szőke, Pál Bárczy
Abstract:In this study, crystals of CdTe were grown from melts, which have undergone different thermal history, by the unseeded gradient freeze method...
Authors: Zsolt Veres, András Roósz
Abstract:The Heusler alloy Cu2MnAl is a ferromagnetic compound that is in the form of a single crystal suitable for the simultaneous...
Authors: Lorenz Ratke, Sonja Steinbach, Georg Müller, Marc Hainke, András Roósz, Yves Fautrelle, M.D. Dupouy, Gerhard Zimmermann, A. Weiß, Hermann-Josef Diepers, Jacques Lacaze, R. Valdes, G.U. Grün, H.-P. Nicolai, H. Gerke-Cantow
Abstract:The MICAST research program focuses on a systematic analysis of the effect of convection on the microstructure evolution in cast Al-alloys....
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