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Authors: Marc Hainke, Johannes Dagner, Jochen Friedrich, Georg Müller
Abstract:has commissioned the Crystal Growth Laboratory in the framework of the Materials Science Laboratory (MSL) User Support Program to develop...
Authors: Sven Eck, J.P. Mogeritsch, Andreas Ludwig
Abstract:3D samples of NH4Cl-H2O solutions were solidified under defined experimental conditions. The occurring melt convection was investigated by...
Authors: Xiao Dong Wang, A. Ciobanas, Florin Baltaretu, Anne Marie Bianchi, Yves Fautrelle
Abstract:A numerical model aimed at simulating the segregations during the columnar solidification of a binary alloy is used to investigate the...
Authors: Csaba Póliska, Zoltán Gácsi, Péter Barkóczy
Abstract:The anisotropy of dendritic structure is characterized in this paper. The direction of move of liquid/solid interface influence the velocity...
Authors: Henri Nguyen-Thi, Bing Hong Zhou, Guillaume Reinhart, Bernard Billia, Q.S. Liu, C.W. Lan, Tatyana Lyubimova, B. Roux
Abstract:This paper presents a summary of cellular and dendritic morphologies resulting from the upward directional solidification of Al – Ni alloys...
Authors: Lilia C. Nicolli, Christophe L. Martin, Asbjørn Mo, Olivier Ludwig
Abstract:An experimental set-up for investigating macrosegregation formation due to deformation of an isotropic metallic mushy zone is presented. In...
Authors: Andreas Ludwig, Meng Huai Wu, M. Abondano, Lorenz Ratke
Abstract:A two-phase volume-averaging model developed for the simulation of the dynamic decomposition and solidification of hypermonotectic alloys...
Authors: Marc Hainke, Sonja Steinbach, Johannes Dagner, Lorenz Ratke, Georg Müller
Abstract:The solidification microstructure is the consequence of a wide range of process parameters, like the growth velocity, the temperature...
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