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Authors: Markus Rettenmayr, Martin Buchmann
Abstract:Solidification and melting are phase transitions from the liquid to solid state or vice versa and are thus often assumed to be similar...
Authors: Kusuhiro Mukai, Masafumi Zeze, Takashi Morohoshi
Abstract:It is important to understand the behavior of argon gas bubbles and non-metallic inclusions in front of the solidifying shell in order to...
Authors: K. Zaïdat, T. Ouled-Khachroum, Nathalie Mangelinck-Noël, Guillaume Reinhart, M.D. Dupouy, R. Moreau
Abstract:The specific objective of the paper is to investigate the effect of fluid flow on the development of a dendritic microstructure and more...
Authors: Gerhard Zimmermann, A. Weiß
Abstract:AlSi7Mg0.6 alloys are directionally solidified with forced melt flow induced by a rotating magnet ring. By increasing the rotational...
Authors: Mihály Réger, Balázs Verő, Zsolt Csepeli, Árpád Szélig
Abstract:In continuously cast semi-finished products, fluid flow results in macrosegregation patterns. There are two reasons for fluid flow during...
Authors: Csaba Hoó, Ilona Teleszky, András Roósz, Zsolt Csepeli
Abstract:The different solidification processes occuring in steels can be well studied by using the microstructure investigation. The microstructure...
Authors: M.L.N.M. Melo, R.G. Santos
Abstract:A particularly important defect related with solute segregation during solidification is the microporosity, which influences mechanical...
Authors: Jean Marie Drezet, Sélim Mokadem
Abstract:Epitaxial Laser Metal Forming (E-LMF) consists in impinging a jet of metallic powder onto a molten pool formed by controlled laser heating...
Authors: Jenő Kovác, András Roósz, János Szőke
Abstract:The aim of our research work is to study the microstructure formation during casting of technical alloys under diffusive and magnetically...
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