Solidification and Gravity IV

Volume 508

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Piotr Furmanski, Jerzy Banaszek

Abstract: An ensemble averaging technique is used to obtain both macroscopic equations of transport phenomena in a two-phase region and new models of...

Authors: Laszlo Sturz, Gerhard Zimmermann

Abstract: We have investigated the columnar to equiaxed transition experimentally in directionally solidified hypoeutectic binary AlSi alloys with and...

Authors: Edward Fraś, K. Wiencek, Andriy A. Burbelko, M. Górny

Abstract: Probability density functions of known statistical distributions (Gauss, Weibull, lognormal) have been used to describe the nucleation of...

Authors: Peter K. Galenko, Dieter M. Herlach, G. Phanikumar, O. Funke

Abstract: The results on modeling dendritic solidification from undercooled melts processed by the electromagnetic levitation technique are discussed....

Authors: Johannes Dagner, A. Weiß, Marc Hainke, Gerhard Zimmermann, Georg Müller

Abstract: A global numerical model of a Bridgman furnace is developed and validated. The model includes heat transfer due to radiation and conduction...

Authors: Altan Turkeli, David H. Kirkwood

Abstract: In this study, back diffusion of manganese in solid between secondary arms in the ternary Fe – 1.6 wt % Mn – 0.1, 0.21, 0.4 and 0.75 wt % C...

Authors: Altan Turkeli

Abstract: In this study, simple analytical microsegregation models for constant cooling and parabolic growth are proposed considering dendrite arm...

Authors: Matthias Kolbe, J.R. Gao, S. Reutzel

Abstract: Liquid Cu-Co shows a metastable miscibility gap where the homogeneous melt separates into the Co-rich L1-liquid and the Cu-rich L2-liquid....

Authors: Martin E. Glicksman, Afina Lupulescu, M.B. Koss
Authors: A. Weiß, Laszlo Sturz, Gerhard Zimmermann

Abstract: The movement and morphological change of a solid-liquid interface in directional solidification was investigated during two sounding rocket...


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