Solidification and Gravity IV

Volume 508

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tien Shou Lei, Wen Shiung Chang, Shyen Yang Dong

Abstract: Fluid convection during solidification of castings will influence the final structures of the castings. A vertical cylindrical casting...

Authors: Pál Bárczy, János Szőke, Ching Hua Su, Sandor L. Lehoczky, M. Schweizer, Martin P. Volz, F.R. Szofran

Abstract: The progress in advanced single crystal growth demands versatile, advanced equipment. Multizone furnaces are able to fulfill unusual...

Authors: S. Rex, U. Hecht, A. Drevermann

Abstract: The preparation of the solidification experiments planned onboard the ISS within the SETA research program was supported by a first full...

Authors: Sonja Steinbach, Lorenz Ratke

Abstract: In this paper we report on a new optical technique to measure in situ the fraction solid during solidification. The technique utilizes the...

Authors: Božidar Šarler, Robert Vertnik

Abstract: This paper introduces a general numerical scheme for solving convective-diffusive problems that appear in the solution of microscopic and...

Authors: Sami Vapalahti, Seppo Louhenkilpi, Tuomo Räisänen

Abstract: Molten metal is cooled in a continuous casting mould forming initially a thin shell that grows thicker. The main phenomena in the mould...

Authors: K. Weiß, Christoph Honsel

Abstract: Meanwhile the calculation of cooling and solidification is a well introduced tool into the foundry industry for calculating gating and...

Authors: Miha Založnik, Božidar Šarler
Authors: R. Bähr, Christoph Honsel, K. Weiß, M. Todte

Abstract: Although the use of the Finite Elements Method (FEM) has more and more become a natural course of action for the creation of component...


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