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Authors: Huan Xin Zhang, Hou Fa Shen, Bai Cheng Liu
Abstract:Macroscopic transportation in a continuous casting is modeled using the SIMPLER algorithm and the finite difference method. The simulation...
Authors: Mika Mäkinen, Markku Uoti
Abstract:In continuous casting, the severity of centerline macrosegregation and internal crack formation is linked to the cast structure, which can...
Authors: Dániel Molnár, Jenő Dúl, Richárd Szabó
Abstract:By the help of simulation software it is possible to follow and predict the high pressure die casting process. In the Department of Foundry...
Authors: Arto Muikku, Jari Hartikainen, Sami Vapalahti, Tuomo Tiainen
Abstract:In water tap production 0.5 mm of material needs to be ground off from the surface of LPDC (Low Pressure Die Casting) brass castings in...
Authors: Axel Griesche, F. Garcia-Moreno, M.P. Macht, Günter Frohberg
Abstract:The long-capillary method was used to measure chemical diffusion in molten AlNiCe alloys. The interdiffusion coefficients were determined...
Authors: Frank Schmidt-Hohagen, Ivan Egry
Abstract:Industrial alloys are generally multi-component systems with volatile and highly reactive components. Consequently, their processing in the...
Authors: Igor Kovačević, Božidar Šarler
Abstract:A model for solving isothermal solid-solid phase transformations in multicomponent aluminium alloys is presented. A multiphase-field model...
Authors: Wojciech Kapturkiewicz, Edward Fraś, Janusz Lelito, Andriy A. Burbelko
Abstract:The heat generation rate during austempering of ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) for process temperatures of 250, 265, 280 and 293°C has been...
Authors: Mauro Palumbo, Daniele Baldissin, Livio Battezzati, O. Tassa, Rainer Wunderlich, Hans Jorg Fecht, R. Brooks, K. Mills
Abstract:This contribution reports the results of calorimetric measurements of the enthalpy of fusion and liquid specific heat carried out in...
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