In Situ Deformation at 850°C of Standard and Rafted Microstructures of Nickel Base Superalloys


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An in situ study of the plastic deformation of <001> single crystals of an industrial superalloy has been performed at 850 °C in a TEM to observe directly the micromechanisms which control the deformation under the actual temperature and stress conditions experienced by this material in aeroengines. A comparison between the creation and propagation modes of moving dislocations in the standard microstructure after annealing and the rafted microstructure after 20 h of creep at 1050°C evidence the important role of the width of the γ channels as well as the strength of the γ/γ’ interface in controlling the shearing events of γ’ channels.



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H. Balmori-Ramírez, M. Brito, J.G. Cabañas-Moreno, H.A. Calderón-Benavides, K. Ishizaki and A. Salinas-Rodríguez




N. Clément et al., "In Situ Deformation at 850°C of Standard and Rafted Microstructures of Nickel Base Superalloys", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 509, pp. 57-62, 2006

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March 2006




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