Advanced Structural Materials II

Volume 509

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Richard Penelle, Thierry Baudin

Abstract: Materials exhibit microstructures and textures that influence their use and properties. Xray and neutron diffraction allow characterization...

Authors: Stuart I. Wright, Matthew M. Nowell

Abstract: Automated Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) or Orientation Imaging Microscopy (OIM) has proven to be a viable technique for...

Authors: J.C. Millán, A.L. Rivas, Jose María Cabrera, Sonia Camero, Leo Kestens

Abstract: The effect of heating rate and annealing time on the microstructure and texture of a commercial 0.04 %C steel, cold rolled up to 80 %, is...

Authors: Francisco Cruz-Gandarilla, Thierry Baudin, Marie Helene Mathon, Richard Penelle, Hector Mendoza León, J. Gerardo Cabañas-Moreno

Abstract: The present work is an attempt to understand the recrystallisation mechanisms in Fe-3% Si alloys used in transformer cores. After secondary...

Authors: A. Molina, B. Campillo, R. Mendoza, R. Guardián, Carlos González-Rivera, J.A. Juárez-Islas

Abstract: The microstructural and mechanical properties of an ultra-clean low carbon steel sheet with 0.035% Cr have been evaluated. The isothermal...

Authors: I. Mejía, C. Maldonado, Josep Antonio Benito, Jordi Jorba, Antoni Roca

Abstract: This research work analyses the effect of cold working level produced by drawing, on the work hardening exponent of 0.18 and 0.43 % C...

Authors: J. Niño, M. Hinojosa, V. González

Abstract: The fracture surfaces of SAE-1018 steel tension and impact test specimens with different grain sizes are analyzed in order to explore the...

Authors: Daniel Caillard

Abstract: Quasicrystals can deform Plastically at high temperatures by the movement of dislocations like in crystals. Little is known, however, on...

Authors: Nicole Clément, Mustafa Benyoucef, M. Legros, Pierre Caron, Armand Coujou

Abstract: An in situ study of the plastic deformation of <001> single crystals of an industrial superalloy has been performed at 850 °C in a TEM to...

Authors: J.C. Aguilar-Virgen, A.F. Cabrera, Minoru Umemoto, H.A. Calderón

Abstract: The mechanical behavior of the sintered nanostructured intermetallic alloys, Al67Ti25Mn8 and Al67Ti25Fe8 has been investigated by means of...


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