Improved Heat and Corrosion Resistance of Mg-Al-Zn Alloys by Additions of Minor Alloying Elements


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Small amounts of minor alloying elements such as RE and Sr were added to Mg- 8wt%Al-5wt%Zn (AZ91D+4%Zn), and their effects on the microstructure, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance were investigated. The microstucture of the investigated alloys could be characterized by dendritic Mg, Mg17Al12, a quasi-crystalline Zn-rich phase, and Al4RE (if RE is added). Although the tensile strength of alloys was not improved, the creep strength was significantly enhanced by the additions of minor alloying elements. No apparent influence of the additions could be found on the corrosion resistance.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 510-511)

Edited by:

Hyung Sun Kim, Yu Bao Li and Soo Wohn Lee




J. M. Kim et al., "Improved Heat and Corrosion Resistance of Mg-Al-Zn Alloys by Additions of Minor Alloying Elements", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 510-511, pp. 374-377, 2006

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March 2006




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