Fabrication and Properties of High Strength Al-8Fe-2Mo-2V-1Zr Alloy Produced by Melt Spinning Techniques


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High strength Al-8Fe-2Mo-2V-1Zr (wt.%) alloys fabricated by a melt spinning and a hot extrusion process were produced to correlate the microstructure and mechanical property. Melt spun ribbon prepared by single roll melt spinner showed a cellular structure with an average size of 10nm and Al-Fe based intermetallic dispersoid of less than 10nm in particle size. The melt spun ribbon obtained was then pulverized to make a powder shape followed by hot extrusion at 648K, 673K, 723K and 773K in extrusion ratio of 5 to 1, respectively. Equiaxed grain structure containing Al-Fe based intermetallic phase was observed in all extruded specimens. According to increasing extrusion temperature, the grain size increased and particle size of intermetallic dispersoid. The lattice parameter increased from 0.4051nm to 0.4059 nm with increasing extrusion temperature from 648K to 773K, those values were larger than that obtained in pure Al (0.4049nm). Yield strength of the specimen extruded at 648K measured to 956MPa at room temperature, 501MPa at 573K and 83MPa at 773K, respectively. With increasing extrusion temperature yield strength decreased significantly at room temperature and even in the intermediate temperature range, while no noticeable difference in yield strength was observed at 773K.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 510-511)

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Hyung Sun Kim, Yu Bao Li and Soo Wohn Lee




T. K. Jung et al., "Fabrication and Properties of High Strength Al-8Fe-2Mo-2V-1Zr Alloy Produced by Melt Spinning Techniques", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 510-511, pp. 854-857, 2006

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March 2006