Advanced Structural and Functional Materials Design

Volume 512

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hidetoshi Fujii, Nobuyoshi Sogabe, Kiyoshi Nogi

Abstract: Electron beam (EB) welding and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding were performed under both microgravity and terrestrial conditions in order...

Authors: Toshihiro Tanaka, Soichiro Maeda, Nobuyuki Takahira, Nobumitsu Hirai, Joon Ho Lee

Abstract: We have tried to develop the following new material processing for the production of value-added materials from by-products such as...

Authors: Joon Ho Lee, Hiromichi Ishimura, Toshihiro Tanaka

Abstract: The contact angle in microscopic size is considered not always to be equal to that in macroscopic size. Recently, the authors [1] have...

Authors: Yoshihiro Fujita, Kazuyoshi Saida, Kazutoshi Nishimoto

Abstract: This work investigated microstructure in the surface-melted region of Ni-base single crystal superalloy CMSX-4 by using a diode laser beam...

Authors: Masashi Nakamoto, Joon Ho Lee, Toshihiro Tanaka

Abstract: Aiming to design new lubricants in the large strain addition strip process for ultrafine-grained steels, we tested the possibility of using...

Authors: Zhen Kai Xie, Soong Keun Hyun, Yosiyuki Okuda, Hideo Nakajima

Abstract: Lotus-type porous magnesium was fabricated by unidirectional solidification of the melt dissolving hydrogen in a high-pressure mixture gas...

Authors: Masakazu Tane, Soong Keun Hyun, Hideo Nakajima

Abstract: We studied the effective electrical conductivity of lotus-type porous nickel with cylindrical elongated pores by applying the extended...

Authors: Soong Keun Hyun, Teruyuki Ikeda, Masakazu Tane, Hideo Nakajima

Abstract: Lotus-type porous iron and stainless steel (SUS304L) whose long cylindrical pores are aligned in one direction were fabricated by...

Authors: Kazufumi Nomura, Etsuji Ohmura, Isamu Miyamoto

Abstract: Shorter pulse duration and higher power lasers have accelerated the development of frequency conversion technique using nonlinear optical...

Authors: Tomokazu Sano, Osamu Sakata, Etsuji Ohmura, Isamu Miyamoto, Akio Hirose, Kojiro F. Kobayashi

Abstract: The synthesis of the high-pressure ε phase of iron, which has not been observed under a conventional shock compression, was attained using a...


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