Residual Strength after Low Velocity Impact in Carbon-Epoxy Laminates


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The aim of present work is to study the influence of low energy impacts on residual strength of carbon-epoxy laminates. Experimental tests were performed on [0,90,0,90]2s and [0,90]8 laminates using a drop weight-testing machine. The influence of the laminate stacking sequence is analysed under 1.5 J, 2 J, 2.5 J and 3 J impact energies, corresponding to a 0.91 ms-1, 1.05 ms-1, 1.18 ms-1 and 1.29 ms-1 of impact velocity, respectively. The impacted plates were inspected by CScan to evaluate the size, shape and position of the delaminations through the thickness of the plate. The same plates were inspected by C-Scan before the impact, to evaluate the eventual presence of defects produced during the manufacturing process. The residual flexural strength showed that the [0,90,0,90]2s laminates have better performance than the [0,90]8 ones. The explanation is related with the lower flexural stiffness of the antisymmetric lay-up relatively to the symmetric one.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 514-516)

Edited by:

Paula Maria Vilarinho




A. M. Amaro et al., "Residual Strength after Low Velocity Impact in Carbon-Epoxy Laminates ", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 514-516, pp. 624-628, 2006

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May 2006




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