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Authors: Mohamad Kamal Harun, S.N.A.S. Ismail, M.Z.A. Yahya, Stuart B. Lyon
Abstract:A study was conducted on the effects of surface pre-treatment with 3- aminopropyltriethoxysilane (3-APS) on the water absorption and...
Authors: F.K. Yam, Hassan Zainuriah, Abu Hassan Haslan, M.E. Kordesch
Abstract:This paper presents an analysis of the characteristics of two gallium nitride (GaN) films grown on (0001) plane sapphire substrates by...
Authors: F.K. Yam, Hassan Zainuriah, Kamarulazizi Ibrahim, M. Barmawi, Sugianto, M. Budiman, P. Arifin
Abstract:A comparative study of the structural and electrical properties of GaN films grown by plasma-enhanced metalorganic chemical vapor deposition...
Authors: Faizah Md. Salleh, Ahmad K. Yahya, M.H. Ismail, M.H. Jumali
Abstract:In this study, single-core and multi-core Tl1212 tapes were fabricated from Tl-1212 superconducting powder of Tl0.5Pb0.5Sr1.8Yb0.2CaCu2O7...
Authors: Ahmad K. Yahya, A. Ishak, I. Hamadned, R. Abd-Shukor
Abstract:Longitudinal and shear ultrasonic attenuation measurements were performed at 10 MHz in HoBa2-xHoxCu3O7-δ (x=0.0 and 0.15) polycrystalline...
Authors: Hyoun Woo Kim, S.H. Shim
Abstract:We have synthesized the belt-like structures of tin oxide (SnO2) by carrying out the thermal evaporation of solid Sn powders. We have...
Authors: Naser Mahmoud Ahmed, M. Roslan Hashim, Hassan Zainuriah
Abstract:In the fabrication of nitride-based laser, the cavity plays a vital role in order to enhance the fundamental modes while suppressing the...
Authors: Naser Mahmoud Ahmed, M. Roslan Hashim, Hassan Zainuriah
Abstract:In this paper we discussed the relation between depth errors that happened in films growth and incidence angle variation on DBR...
Authors: A.Y. Hudeish, C.K. Tan, Azlan Abdul Aziz, Hassan Zainuriah
Abstract:There is a particular interest in the development of wide band gap semiconductor gas sensor because of their potential for high temperature...
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