Surface Morphology of Anatase TiO2 Thin Film by Sol-Gel Method


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Sol-gel processing route has been used for the production of thin films from titanium isopropoxide (TIP). The surface properties and statistics results have been characterized by AFM; the coating process has been examined using SEM and optical microscope. The structure phase of TiO2 has been analyzed by XRD; the composition of TiO2 has been estimated through EDS; the thickness of film has been measured by polarized microscope in an interferometric technique. The coating films are always crystallined in the anatase structure with circular particles in nanometer size.



Edited by:

A.K. Arof and S.A. Hashim Ali




N. Al-Jufairi, "Surface Morphology of Anatase TiO2 Thin Film by Sol-Gel Method", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 517, pp. 135-140, 2006

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June 2006





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