Growth of Diamond-Like Carbon Thin Film Using Microwave Chemical Vapor Deposition


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This paper presents an analysis of diamond-like carbon thin film deposited using homebuilt microwave chemical vapor deposition. Two different deposition conditions were investigated, namely, with and without microwave power. Post deposition analysis included Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron microscope (SEM), energy dispersed X-ray (EDX), four-pointprobe resistivity measurements and refractive spectroscopy. Substrate with pretreatment was observed to have thin film formation. Samples with diamond paste pretreatment show better quality compared to SiC treated samples as suggested by Raman spectral. The presences of sp3 and sp2 peaks were identified in the Raman spectral. The overall resistivity is low due to the graphite content.



Edited by:

A.K. Arof and S.A. Hashim Ali




H.T. Ooi and K. Ibrahim, "Growth of Diamond-Like Carbon Thin Film Using Microwave Chemical Vapor Deposition ", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 517, pp. 57-60, 2006

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June 2006




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