Functional Materials and Devices

Volume 517

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Kamil Abd-Rahman, M. Nasir Taib, Ibrahim Azmi

Abstract: Fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) are extensively used in optical add-drop multiplexers/demultiplexers, optical cross-connect switches, optical...

Authors: Mitra Djamal, Darsikin, Togar Saragi, M. Barmawi

Abstract: This paper describes magnetic sensors that have been developed in the last three years. GMR thin film materials have been successfully...

Authors: R. Abd-Shukor, S.Y. Yahya

Abstract: This paper reports on the effectiveness of magnetic nanoparticles as pinning center in the Bi-based superconductor tapes. Nanosize γ-Fe2O3...

Authors: M.A.K.M. Hanafiah, S. Shafiei, Mohamad Kamal Harun, M.Z.A. Yahya
Authors: Rosiyah Yahya, A. Hassan, Z. Aiyub

Abstract: The structural studies of potassium hexatitanates prepared under both hydrothermal and solid state conditions were carried out. Fourier...

Authors: Izdihar Ishak, Alias Daud

Abstract: A simple microwave heating system was designed for firing phosphor samples. An 800W magnetron operating at 2.45 GHz was used. The system is...

Authors: N.K. Ali, M. Roslan Hashim, Azlan Abdul Aziz

Abstract: Porous silicon layer microstructure is sensitive to many parameters which need to be controlled during etching. These include not only...

Authors: A.S.A. Khiar, S.R. Majid, N.H. Idris, M.F. Hassan, R. Puteh, A.K. Arof

Abstract: Measurement of the ionic conductivity for the CA-NH4CF3SO3-DMC system was carried out at frequencies of 50 Hz to1 MHz and also at...

Authors: C.K. Tan, Azlan Abdul Aziz, F.K. Yam, C.W. Lim, Hassan Zainuriah, A.Y. Hudeish

Abstract: Pd Schottky diode exhibited stable rectifying behavior up to 500°C for 35 minutes in sequential annealing; with the Schottky barrier...

Authors: C.K. Tan, Azlan Abdul Aziz, Hassan Zainuriah, F.K. Yam, C.W. Lim, A.Y. Hudeish

Abstract: The barrier height of as-deposited Cr contacts was found to be ΦB= 0.87eV with the ideality of η=1.51 and remained almost unchanged after...


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