Functional Materials and Devices

Volume 517

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Abdul Hadi, Iskandar Idris Yaacob, Lee Seok Ling

Abstract: Cerium dioxide (CeO2) nanoparticles were synthesized by a novel mechanochemical process. The precursors of Ce2(CO3)3.xH2O and NaOH were...

Authors: N. Kancono, H.B. Senin

Abstract: Charge transfer complexes (CTC) can be readily introduced into materials by cohydrolysis-copolymerisation of bis-silylated ter-thiophenes...

Authors: C.K. Tan, Azlan Abdul Aziz, Hassan Zainuriah, F.K. Yam, C.W. Lim, A.Y. Hudeish

Abstract: The Current-Voltage-Temperature (I-V-T) characteristics of single layer deposition, consisting of Zr, Ti, or Cr/p-GaN Schottky diodes were...

Authors: Shahrum Abdullah, Muhamad Rasat Muhamad, K.A. Sekak

Abstract: The effects of Indium doped on Porous Silicon Nanostructure (PSN) have been studied. The Electroluminescence studies on Indium-doped porous...

Authors: Ismail Zainol, Mohamad Ibrahim Ahmad, Fadzil Ayad Zakaria, Anita Ramli, Haslan Fadli Ahmad Marzuki, Azlan Abdul Aziz

Abstract: The cure process and the mechanical properties of liquid polymethylmethacrylate grafted natural rubber (LMG30) modified epoxy have been...

Authors: Azizah Hanom Ahmad, Ri Hanum Yahaya Subban, R. Zakaria, A.M.M. Ali

Abstract: A series of experiment has been carried out to study the electrochemical performances of lithium primary cells using different cathode...

Authors: Z.H.Z Abidin, K. Ramesh, R.M. Taha, R. Puteh, A.K. Arof

Abstract: The corrosion protection property of the coating consisting of acrylic resin mixed with curcumin and dammar was investigated by immersing...

Authors: Surina Othman, F.K. Yam, Abu Hassan Haslan, Hassan Zainuriah

Abstract: In this study, we investigated the contact characteristics of bi-layer thin films, Ag (200nm)/Ti (100nm) on Si-doped n-type Al0.27Ga0.73N...

Authors: S.A. Mohamad, M.H. Ali, Z.A. Ibrahim, A.K. Arof

Abstract: The properties of ZnSe/PEO junction photoelectrochemical cells have been studied under dark and illuminated conditions. ZnSe was...

Authors: Z.H.Z Abidin, R.M. Taha, R. Puteh, A.K. Arof

Abstract: In this work, lawsonia pigment obtained from Henna leaves was mixed with acrylic resin and a mixture of acrylic and dammar resins (RD50%)...


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