Nano-Second Surface Modification of Titanium Nitride Thin Film by Nd:YAG and TEA CO2 Lasers


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In this work we investigated the interaction of ns laser pulses (TEA CO2 and Nd:YAG) with a titanium nitride (TiN) thin film. The TiN thin film of 1μm thickness was deposited by PVD method on silicon substrate. Modification of TiN film was induced by laser pulses with power densities of about 108 and 109 W/cm2. Part of the laser energy absorbed on the target surface was converted into thermal energy and effects such as melting, vaporization and exfoliation were observed. Nd:YAG laser produced craters with sharp periphery, while TEA CO2 laser created damages with broad boundary zone. Hydrodynamic effects were especially pronounced during irradiation with TEA CO2 laser.



Edited by:

Dragan P. Uskokovic, Slobodan K. Milonjic and Dejan I. Rakovic




B. Gaković et al., "Nano-Second Surface Modification of Titanium Nitride Thin Film by Nd:YAG and TEA CO2 Lasers", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 518, pp. 161-166, 2006

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July 2006




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