Recent Developments in Advanced Materials and Processes

Volume 518

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Obrad S. Aleksić, S.M. Savić, Mica D. Luković, K.T. Radulović, L.S. Lukić

Abstract: An investigation path starting from (Mn,Ni,Co,Fe)3O4 nanometric powder preparation, NTC thick-film characterization, realization and...

Authors: Lj.M. Vračar, N. Krstajić, N. Elezović

Abstract: The underpotential deposition of hydrogen was studied in 0.5 mol dm-3 HClO4 solution on an electrode based on Ebonex-supported platinum...

Authors: J.D. Lović, S.Lj. Gojković, K.Dj. Popović, D.V. Tripković, A.V. Tripković

Abstract: Formic acid oxidation was studied at low-index Pt single crystals (model systems) as well as at the platinum catalyst supported on high...

Authors: S. Mentus, Ivan Krstić, Ž. Tešić, Amelia Montone

Abstract: Potentiodynamic polarization of a mechanically polished titanium electrode in a diluted solution of Rhodium(III) chloride in 0.1 M...

Authors: A. Kowal, P. Olszewski, D.V. Tripković, R. Stevanović

Abstract: Electrodes, assigned as GC/Pt-C and GC/Pt-Ru-C, were formed by deposition of Ptbased catalysts (47.5 wt % Pt + high surface area carbon)...

Authors: M. Macherzynski, A. Kowal, B. Macherzynska, J. Gołas

Abstract: Glassy carbon (GC) discs and platinum microcylindrical electrodes were modified with a layer of nickel(II) tetrakis 3-methoxy-4...

Authors: B. Babić, Velimir Radmilović, N. Krstajić, B. Kaludjerović

Abstract: Mesoporous carbon cryogel synthesized by sol-gel polycondensation and freeze-drying with specific surface area (BET) of 517 m2 g-1 was used...

Authors: Lj.M. Gajić-Krstajić, T.Lj. Trišović, B. Babić, Lj.M. Vračar

Abstract: The kinetics of oxygen reduction (ORR) on carbon cryogel supported Pt nanoparticles (Pt / C) in acid solution was studied using the...

Authors: M. Stanković, P. Banković, B. Marković, Z. Vuković, D. Jovanović

Abstract: Silver promoted nickel catalysts supported on diatomite were prepared by precipitation method. Characterization of the catalysts prepared...

Authors: N. Potkonjak, Lj. Kolar-Anić, T. Potkonjak, S. Nikola Blagojević, S. Anić

Abstract: This work presents the current oscillation phenomena observed in an electrochemical Cu/0.5 M CF3COOH system. The dynamical response of this...


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