Recent Developments in Advanced Materials and Processes

Volume 518

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Vlada D. Jović, V. Maksimović, M.G. Pavlović, B.M. Jović

Abstract: In this paper the morphology of Ni-Co powders electrodeposited from ammonium sulfate-boric acid containing electrolyte is investigated as a...

Authors: N. Mitrović, Stefan Roth, S. Kane

Abstract: Multistep current annealing (CA) treatments were performed on amorphous FINEMETtype Fe-Cu-V-Si-B, as well as on a novel Fe-Al-Ga-P-C-B...

Authors: J. Belošević-Čavor, F. Congiu, V. Koteski, Bozidar Cekić, Giorgio Concas

Abstract: Magnetization M as a function of applied magnetic field H up to 50 kOe was measured at low temperature T = 5K, using an SQUID magnetometer,...

Authors: Ana Umićević, H.E. Mahnke, Bozidar Cekić, Jasna Grbović Novaković, V. Koteski, J. Belošević-Čavor

Abstract: The alloying and phase formation in Ni-Hf samples with 0.2-, 2-, and 5-at.% Hf were studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD) technique and...

Authors: A.R. Tančić, M. Davidović

Abstract: Within the framework of the many-body theory by using the Random Phase Approximation with Exchange (RPAE) method we calculated the...

Authors: I. Popović, M. Zlatanović

Abstract: The electrical and optical signal waveforms of nitrogen/hydrogen glow discharges used for plasma nitriding process were recorded and...

Authors: E.R. Andrievskaya, V.P. Red'ko

Abstract: Phase equilibria in the ternary system ZrO2-Y2O3-La2O3 at 1250 °C have been studied and isothermal section have been developed. Fine...

Authors: J. Radić-Perić

Abstract: The synthesis of solid BN in thermal plasma is investigated theoretically by computing the equilibrium composition of a gas mixture...

Authors: Lj. Budinski-Petković, M. Petković, Z.M. Jakšić, S.B. Vrhovac

Abstract: We perform numerical simulation of a lattice model for the compaction of a granular material based on the idea of reversible random...

Authors: Srboljub J. Stanković, R.D. Ilić, M. Petrović, B. Lončar, A. Vasić

Abstract: The use of semiconductor materials in radiation processing, radiation therapy and diagnostics, and detection of cosmic radiation motivated...


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