Recent Developments in Advanced Materials and Processes

Volume 518

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Ilavsky, H. Valentova, Z. Sedlakova, J. Nedbal, V. Velychko

Abstract: This paper describes DSC, dielectric and dynamic mechanical behavior of linear and crosslinked liquid crystalline (LC) polyurethanes based...

Authors: E.A. Hoffmann, Lj. Korugić-Karasz

Abstract: A method for predicting XPS C1s binding energies in polymers has been developed previously [1]. The calculation uses partial atomic charges...

Authors: B. Pilić, D. Stoiljković, I. Bakočević, S. Jovanović, D. Panić, Lj. Korugić-Karasz

Abstract: Recently, a new charge percolation mechanism (CPM) of the Ziegler-Natta (ZN) polymerization of olefins by supported transition metal (Mt)...

Authors: V. Arsoski, R.M. Ramović, Milesa Srećković

Abstract: Optical properties of bilayer organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) based on MEH-PPV (2-methoxy, 5-(2′-ethyl-hexoxy)-1,4-phenylene...

Authors: I. Radisavljević, D. Marjanović, N. Novaković, N. Ivanović

Abstract: Using semi-empirical quantum mechanic (AM1, ZINDO/S) and ab-initio Hartree-Fock (HF) calculations we investigated selected structural,...

Authors: J. Budinski-Simendić, M. Špírková, K. Dušek, T. Dikić, R. Radičević, S. Prendzov, Ivan Krakovsky, M. Ilavsky

Abstract: Here, as part of our experimental investigations dealing with poly(urethane-isocyanurate) networks, we investigate model irregular networks...

Authors: G. Ćirić-Marjanović, B. Marjanović, I. Juranić, P. Holler, J. Stejskal, M. Trchová

Abstract: New functional homopolymeric, semiconducting materials soluble in polar solvents, were synthesized by chemical oxidative polymerization of...

Authors: S.P. Sovilj, B.J. Drakulić, D.Lj. Stojić, N. Katsaros

Abstract: A huge variety of nano-objects, allowing specific reactions at well-defined positions can be generated using oxo-molybdenum compounds based...

Authors: N.L. Lazić, J. Budinski-Simendić, Z.S. Petrović, M.B. Plavšić

Abstract: Silica fillers are used in rubber composites to modify their dynamic-mechanical properties. Three fillers are used: a commercial filler of...

Authors: Christian Eitzinger, Jan Fikar, C. Forsich, J. Humlíček, Albrecht Krüger, Roland Kullmer, J. Laimer, Erich Lingenhöle, Klaus Lingenhöle, Michael Mühlberger, Thomas Müller, H. Störi, Uwe Wielsch

Abstract: Modern material technology relies increasingly on processes for surface modification and coating. Generally, we are lacking a possibility...


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