Recent Developments in Advanced Materials and Processes

Volume 518

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: N. Pantelić, A. Piruska, Carl J. Seliskar

Abstract: A chemically selective film, usually of optical quality, is a key component of optical and electrochemical sensors. We have examined the...

Authors: J.C. Badot

Abstract: This paper deals with the fundamental aspect of dielectric relaxations in conducting inorganic solids. It has been shown that it is...

Authors: E. Antić-Fidančev, Bruno Viana, P. Aschehoug, L. Bih, A. Nadiri, M. Taibi, J. Aride

Abstract: Tungsten-phosphate glasses doped with trivalent europium ion are synthesized and their spectroscopic properties are analyzed. Following the...

Authors: M.D. Dramićanin, V. Jokanović, Z. Andrić, Bruno Viana, P. Aschehoug, E. Antić-Fidančev

Abstract: In view of the improvement of luminescent intensity in classical phosphors, different new techniques of synthesis have been developed. One...

Authors: A. Milutinović, M.J. Romčević, N.Ž Romčević

Abstract: In Part I of this paper, we used X-ray, far-infrared reflectivity and electron paramagnetic resonance measurements to investigate optical...

Authors: Tamara Ivetić, Maria V. Nikolić, David L. Young, Dana Vasiljević-Radović, Dragan Urošević

Abstract: Thin films of single-phase zinc-stannate (Zn2SnO4) were grown by rf magnetron sputtering onto glass substrates. Transmission in the visible...

Authors: Slavica Spasović, N. Paunović, D. Popović, Jablan Dojčilović

Abstract: Far-infrared reflection spectra and results of dielectric measurements of SrTiO3 single crystal doped by neodymium are presented in the...

Authors: P.D. Maguire, T.I.T. Okpalugo, I. Ahmad

Abstract: Amorphous carbon coatings for implantable medical devices require high mechanical strength, adhesion and uniform biocompatibility response...

Authors: D. Raković, M. Dugić, M.B. Plavšić, G. Keković, Irena Ćosić, David Davidović

Abstract: Our recently proposed quantum approach to biomolecular recognition processes is hereby additionally supported by biomolecular Resonant...

Authors: Dj. Koruga, A. Tomić, Z. Ratkaj, L. Matija

Abstract: Investigation of the properties of peptide plane in protein chain from both classical and quantum approach is presented. We calculated...


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