Experimental and Numerical Study in Denting Resistance of 6111-T4 Aluminium Alloy


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This study presents results of denting resistance of 6111-T4 aluminium alloy. Experimental results of dynamic denting were compared with numerical simulations performed using LS-DYNA software. The experimental tests were performed on 1mm thick plates clamped in a circular area with a diameter of 80mm. Dynamic denting was accomplished by dropping different indenters from heights ranging from 0.36 to 1.7 m. The obtained results indicate a high suitability of the aluminium alloy for use in automotive panels. The results of the numerical simulations display a good correlation with experiments if dynamic effects are introduced in the constitutive equation of the material through the Cowper-Symonds coefficients.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 519-521)

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W.J. Poole, M.A. Wells and D.J. Lloyd




N. Peixinho and A. Pinho, "Experimental and Numerical Study in Denting Resistance of 6111-T4 Aluminium Alloy", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 519-521, pp. 889-894, 2006

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July 2006




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