Microstructures of SiO2 Scales Formed on MoSi2


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The microstructures of oxide scales formed on MoSi2 at medium-high temperatures in air were observed by TEM. Based on the observation, relationships between oxidation temperature and formation of MoO3 and crystallization of amorphous SiO2 scales were investigated. At 1273 K and 1373 K, the oxide scales had a structure consisting of amorphous SiO2 with small amounts of fine MoO3 particles. The oxide scales at 1573 K and 1773 K had a structure consisting of amorphous and crystalline SiO2. Growth rate of the oxide scale formed at 1773 K appreciably increased due to crystallization of amorphous SiO2. It was thought that the increase in the oxidation rate at 1773 K was caused by a change in the diffusion mechanism from O2 diffusion to lattice diffusion of O2- through SiO2. In addition, the diffusion coefficient of oxygen was estimated from the growth rate of SiO2 scale.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 522-523)

Edited by:

Shigeji Taniguchi, Toshio Maruyama, Masayuki Yoshiba, Nobuo Otsuka and Yuuzou Kawahara




K. Kurokawa et al., "Microstructures of SiO2 Scales Formed on MoSi2", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 522-523, pp. 595-602, 2006

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August 2006




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