The Materials Science Beamline EDDI for Energy-Dispersive Analysis of Subsurface Residual Stress Gradients


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In April 2005 the materials science beamline EDDI (Energy Dispersive DIffraction), which the HMI operates at the Berlin synchrotron storage ring BESSY, started user service. The high energy white synchrotron beam up to about 150 keV used for the diffraction experiments is provided by a superconducting 7 Tesla multipole wiggler. Starting with some basic information on the technical parameters of the beamline, its set-up and measuring facilities, the paper focuses on the application of white beam diffraction to the analysis of residual stress fields in the near surface zone of polycrystalline materials. The concept of a program system is introduced, which we offer to our users for preparing and evaluating their measurements performed at the EDDI beamline.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 524-525)

Edited by:

W. Reimers and S. Quander




C. Genzel et al., "The Materials Science Beamline EDDI for Energy-Dispersive Analysis of Subsurface Residual Stress Gradients ", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 524-525, pp. 193-198, 2006

Online since:

September 2006




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