Measurement of Residual Stresses in Electrochemically Metallized Coatings on Thin Cross-Cut Ring Substrate


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An experimental method was developed for determination of residual stresses in electrochemically metallized (brush-plated) coatings by measuring the slit increment of the unclosed ring strip substrate after deposition process. The substrate is fixed to a mandrel, which makes free slipping of the edges as well as momentless deformation of the coated substrate possible. The calculation formula is extended Stoney’s formula which takes into consideration the real shape of the substrate, and the difference of the elasticity moduli of the coating and the substrate materials. The difference between the coefficients of thermal expansion of the coating and substrate materials is also taken into account. Residual stresses are determined for four materials (nickel, zinc, copper, silver) from six electrolytes.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 524-525)

Edited by:

W. Reimers and S. Quander




H. Lille et al., "Measurement of Residual Stresses in Electrochemically Metallized Coatings on Thin Cross-Cut Ring Substrate", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 524-525, pp. 873-878, 2006

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September 2006




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