Multi-Parameter Modeling of Surface Texture in EDMachining Using the Design of Experiments Methodology


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This study concerns the formulation of a multi-parameter surface texture model in EDMachining of AISI D2 tool steel. The model is developed in terms of pulse current and pulse-on time which are the dominant machining conditions, via factorial design of experiments. By applying analysis of variance and statistical multi-regression analysis to the experimental data close correlation is proved between certain surface finish parameters and the machining conditions, with pulse current exerting the strongest influence. By applying this model the appropriate conditions for successful finish can be selected, as well as functional surface characteristics can be quantified.



Edited by:

M. Marcos and L. Sevilla






G. Petropoulos et al., "Multi-Parameter Modeling of Surface Texture in EDMachining Using the Design of Experiments Methodology", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 526, pp. 157-162, 2006

Online since:

October 2006




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