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Authors: R. Calvo, Rosario Domingo, E.M. Rubio Alvir
Abstract:In an increasing competitive market where offer exceeds demand, developing customer value is nowadays a key driver of industrial activities....
Authors: M. San Juan, Francisco Santos Martin, T. de la Fuente, S. Aranda
Abstract:Frequently, to validate FEM simulations of the cutting process it is compared the predicted results with the experimental cutting forces. In...
Authors: H. Perez, Antonio Vizan Idoipe, J. Perez, J. Labarga
Abstract:Many investigations have been developed related to precision machining with features in the millimetre scale. In this paper different...
Authors: Javier León, C.J. Luis-Pérez
Abstract:The equal channel angular drawing (ECAD) process is an innovative method to obtain materials with high plastic strain in a continuous way....
Authors: Xavier Salueña Berna, Jose Antonio Ortiz Marzo, Jasmina Casals Terré
Abstract:The main objectives of this work are the study of the obtained surface roughness on steels, using face cutting edge inserts milling tools in...
Authors: J.M. Sánchez, M.A. Sebastián, E. Rubio, Manuel Sánchez-Carrilero, L. Sevilla, Mariano Marcos Bárcena
Abstract:Light alloys are increasingly applied in different industrial sectors, mainly aerospace. Because of this, it is needed to analyze their...
Authors: Francisco Javier Campa, Luis Norberto López de Lacalle, S. Herranz, Aitzol Lamikiz, A. Rivero
Abstract:In this paper, a 3D dynamic model for the prediction of the stability lobes of high speed milling is presented, considering the combined...
Authors: Han Ul Lee, Dong Woo Cho
Abstract:For effective rough milling, an optimized criterion is required to select the feedrate. In this study, a method to obtain the most...
Authors: Lluis Costa Herrero, Cayetano Sierra Alcolea, Joan Vivancos Calvet
Abstract:The objective of this study is to compare the machinability of a sintered steel sample with that of a nodular graphite iron sample. We have...
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