Advances in Materials Processing Technologies, 2006

Volume 526

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hector Siller, C. Vila, Ciro Rodríguez

Abstract: This study shows a methodology for characterizing high speed machining centres, in terms of their capabilities, to reach programmed feed...

Authors: P. Gilles, J.M. Redonnet, P. Lagarrigue, R. Beceril, B. Fraysse, V. Boucharessas

Abstract: To allow for enhanced quality while reducing machining time, machines have become increasingly complex, thus leading to an increase in...

Authors: Pedro Jose Núñez López, Jorge Simao, E.M. Rubio Alvir, J.L. Rincón

Abstract: During turning operations, the workpiece clamping system and the selection of the cutting conditions are of prime importance. They both...

Authors: Wen T. Chien, W.C. Hung

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to develop two predictive models for burr height in cutting titanium alloy plates by using Nd:YAG laser....

Authors: Alfredo Sanz, E.M. Rubio Alvir, Carmen Martínez Murillo, M.A. Sebastián

Abstract: Present work shows many of Virtual Reality (RV) developments carried out in manufacturing processes field by the collaboration between...

Authors: P. Pereira Navaza, E. Ares, Jose L. Diéguez, A. Pereira

Abstract: In the present consumer, the personalization and originality of the made polymeric products it is one of the area in which dwells efforts...

Authors: Ignacio Puertas, C.J. Luis-Pérez

Abstract: In this work, a surface roughness study on the die-sinking electrical discharge machining (EDM) of siliconised silicon carbide (SiSiC) has...

Authors: G. Petropoulos, N. Vaxevanidis, A. Iakovou, Kostas David

Abstract: This study concerns the formulation of a multi-parameter surface texture model in EDMachining of AISI D2 tool steel. The model is developed...

Authors: Daniela Herman, J. Plichta, K. Nadolny

Abstract: A new type of ceramic abrasive tools prepared of aluminium oxide (alumina), designed to realise the one-pass process of inside diameter...

Authors: Roberto Jiménez Pacheco, R. Villagrasa, J.A. Albajez, Juan-José Aguilar-Martín

Abstract: This paper shows a solution to the problem of finding an optimum sheet metal bending sequence using Genetic Algorithms (GA). First it shall...


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